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Logo Design Portfolio

Producing logos ranging from conservative to innovative, these designs are also incorporated into every use within the company. We can prepare files suitable for use by your current printers or we can provide you with competitive pricing on forms, letterhead, envelopes and stickers of all types and sizes. We can even warehouse large orders for quick delivery when stocks run low.

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See well over a dozen original designs below

These designs are the product of a series of reviews with the client incorporating transitions from previous identities and functional use in a variety of applications from letterhead to product labels. Of course we designed our own logos for Real Smart Marketing & as well.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design

Logo designed for a website serving "lean manufacturing" processes. COMMWIP is an acronym so I thought it best to place each letter separetly. The client suugested the arrow background which fits nicely.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design

A new product for extending the life of cooking oil in industrial scale applications like a peanut roaster or a chip manufacturer. The client needed a trademarkable logo to communicate the value of their product.

We developed both a 3D version for most applications (4C Process) as well as a 2D version for
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design

This company specializes in selling and installing restroom hardware for developers, gemneral contractors and building managers.
They wanted something that shows what they do.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design
This national contractor was still using a logo provided by a corner printer and used by other companies. We developed this original logo after presenting several rounds of widely varying designs.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design
The owner of DCS built a new headquarters and was ready for a new logo. This become a long process as it was difficult to narrow options and commit to a final design. This was the result of that process and uses gold metallic ink and black for color.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design  
IA, the company for which we've redesigned their main logo twice in 10 years asked us to develop a logo for a new spin off company. The owner presented the swirling arrow theme and we took it from there.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)            Logo redesign  
Industrial Automation had originally used a hand drawn IA for it's logo. About 10 years ago we took that original logo and added the triangle element (see far below). After years of people asking what it said we were asked to redesign the logo to make it more modern and more readable.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design

C3 Logo for
Custom Commercial Construction.
The concept was to make the "C"s look like floors of a small building and then use the 3 to give the building depth and dimension.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design
Cornerstone Painting grew to the point where it was ready to redesign a logo. We provided several rounds for review, resulting in this design. See some of the wide range of concepts we presented here.
And here are variations and applications of the final versions.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)                      
                            Logo redesign -- original logo

New Logo

PiboMulti logo - redesigned
intending to eventually only use "PIBO" portion

PiboMulti logo developed for North American distributor of Swiss machine tools. Colors and shape on right from original logo with updated fonts and elements. To eventually drop all but the Pibo spot. 
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)           Logo redesign
The upscale restaurant on Detroit's riverfront, The Rattlesnake Club decided to update it's logo, changing it's color from the dated teal to a cobalt blue and dropping "club" from the name.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)             Original Design
Bulleyelogo.gif (3354 bytes)
Bullseye Products was a new name the owners of this distribution company came up with and after several rounds of design reviews they decided on this logo. They have no relation to Targetline below, although both use a "target" by coincidence.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)

Icons derived from existing logo - original logo
T_target.gif (4236 bytes)
T_3-Day.gif (8076 bytes)

T_New.gif (5362 bytes)  T_NewColor.gif (5848 bytes)

Target Line Industries wanted identifying icons for their 40 page catalog (which we produce) to compliment their preexisting corporate logo (above).

After Targetline, a company that has used the above logo for 20 some years was contacted by the Target Stores legal department and was asked to redesign their logo we stepped
in and produced several variations
(see below)

down_y2.gif (112 bytes)            Logo redesign

Targetline (see above) wanted to get away from the "bullseye" and incorpoarate an arrow. Since "TL" works for both the bridge in Target- Line and as it's initials it was a natural.
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)            Logo redesign
GreatLakes logo.gif (5407 bytes)
Great Lakes Service Group went through a wide range of design concepts. Finally it was decided to stay conservative and model the logo from their parent company Great Lakes Mechanical. Careful attention was paid to spacing between the letters and words.

down_y2.gif (112 bytes)            Logo redesign
IA.gif (2957 bytes)
Industrial Automation LLC wanted an update to their original logo incorporating a 3D look.

The new logo was developed into a complete identity system  including designs for business cards and letterhead and envelopes. The design is used company wide including on their building signage and vehicles

down_y2.gif (112 bytes)        Original Design
BrinkerLogo.gif (5210 bytes)
The Brinker Group is a construction company with 6 specialized divisions. 
down_y2.gif (112 bytes)      Original Design

Sea Lark Sales is a boat sales company specializing in human powered boats
While we proposed more complex versions the client liked this simple version best.

See some of the other finalist versions here.



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