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Web Design & Hosting

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This site we developed and host has Flash, Video downloads, Portfolios and a 360 degree virtual tour!

Our website designs can be as simple or as complex as is appropriate for your viewers.

We believe that sound design means easy navigation, impressive professional graphics and useful information.

The power of the "web-brochure" is it's fluidity. You can update and add to it regularly and include material and resources that just aren't practical to do as "hard copy".

Your website can be a resource for your customers. You can post service and product guides, manuals, instructions, links, and other materials downloadable as PDF files, Word docs or simply as web pages. 

Let us show you how an effective website fits into an overall marketing strategy.

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Industries we serve:
Photography & Art

Everything you need to know to make a successful website;

Our Website Design Philosophy


Program Management!

In addition to optimizing your site for organic search engine listings we can create a "PPC" program that will guarantee you top placement in the major search engines including;

GOOGLE ADWORDS for Google, AOL, Netscape and others;
OVERTURE for Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and others;
ENHANCE for Earthlink, Infospace , MSN and others;
FINDWHAT for CNET, Excite, WebCrawler, Metacrawler, Dogpile,
Microsoft Internet Explorer Autosearch, and others;
KANOODLE for Dogpile, CNET, WebCrawler and others.

All this managed for as little as 15%* of your PPC program budget!

*paid monthly or quarterly in advance.


Some of the sites
we've developed and/or host;
note: links open new window

15 page site for National Flooring Contractor
10 page site for Wall & Ceiling Contractor

75+page site for Modular Office Company
10 page site for Movie Trailer Rentals
8 page site for Supplier of Architectural Products

8 page site for Modular Controls Company

Charity Site for Foundation building Memorial
to Rosa Parks in Detroit, MI

10 page site for People & Landscape Photographer
Diane Lacy
300+ site for Photographer John Lacy

More website
links that we host: is a automotive magazine site which offers product reviews on new cars. is one of our partners and offers PR services for industry. is the US office of a German heavy conveyor manufacturer.
Add-On pages for
established sites: a page enabling a composite bicycle wheel manufacturer to sell snorkels. an add on page for the same company to feature spoked wheel hubs
an add on page to wire wheels

Look at our hosting features:

We have just completed upgrading our hosting servers for the 25+ sites we currently host. We now have a dedicated server that only our client's websites use. This makes our client's sites faster and more secure.

Our Customers Benefit From 
Industrial Strength Infrastructure;

  • Dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity & Multiple DS-3 backbones
  • Dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers
  • Bay switches
  • Cisco 7000 series routers
  • Ultra-fast, multi-processor RAID servers
  • SONET technology for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing
  • AIT NOC routes IP traffic down the fastest path using BGP4 protocol
  • 93,000 sq. ft. modern support center / 5,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art all fiber optic NOC
  • Super cooled and powered to guarantee maximum up time for your hosting needs
  • Rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel security measures protect your data

All the standard hosting features are FREE and there are no hidden costs such as additional POP email, ftp, autoresponders, etc. Our servers can be configured to work with a wide variety of proprietary or free shopping carts, data bases, guestbooks, counters, live audio and video extensions, on-line auctions, chat rooms, etc.

You pay only for development, setup, and maintenance. All hosting is fixed. You can fix your costs by setting up a hosting plan with minimal updates. Or you can even do your own updates!

We can quote hosting after the first year
(the first year is free!)
with your design quote.

Call Us Today!

We now offer redundant hosting. This means that if we ever have a problem with the hosting servers that cannot be quickly resolved that we can move your site to entirely different servers to get you back in service with minimal headaches.New Host Server Features include;

VPanel - you will be able to log on and change settings, add and remove email account, block spam and measure statistics and space on your website.

Email account names are no longer restricted to 3-8 letters. While 30 letter names are discouraged, employees with 10 letter names will no longer have to shorten their names for their email.

Set permissions on any file so only specific people can view them, great for clients, vendors and personal applications.

Web stats accessible through VPanel will allow you to see traffic volumes and peak hours of site visits as well as which pages are accessed. You can also see which search engine terms were used to find your site.

ASP (Windows) rather than PERL (Linux/Unix) scripting offering powerful new technology tools in forms, databases, and changing content (rotating banners for example) as well as many, many other applications.

Full FrontPage200
3 Extensions so you can take advantage of many advanced features in your web design including;
Top 10 lists - Traffic Statistics
Custom Links Bars
Multiple Navigation Structures
Role-Based Security
Shared Border Background Properties
Single Page Publishing
FP UsageAnalysis Reports
Categories Web Component
Database Results Wizard
Send to Database Form
Source Control, Document Check-In/Check-out
Style Sheet Links to Multiple Files
(Some of these features may require advanced programing on your site, but are supported by the host server -FrontPageServer )

Much more space. Previously we were near the limit of our server space allocation. We now have 3.75 times as much, allowing much more flexibility. Some clients will have continued space restrictions depending on your plan rate, please contact
us if you require significantly more space. This also allows us to post large files for download, much quicker than sending files by mail.

Call Us Today!    800-317-1026

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